Intro Something new is coming to Miami,
and it will reshape our waters forever.
Arkup Intro Before we came to Miami, we discovered
Arkup's vision of "Avant Garde Life on Water".
...and we knew what we'd been called upon to do.
Until Arkup privately unveiled to us their next generation concept. We waited patiently. Very patiently.
And then we re-imagined what 4 vessels would look like together. It's Paradise. We Can Now Tell You... Where world-class instructors will
guide you through morning exercises...
Enjoy a day party around the protected pool
the structure provides...
Mix and Mingle Into the Moonlit Night... ...and when you meet someone special,
just bask in what you've become a part of.
Closing This Isn't the Future.
We're About to Set Sail.
Will You Be Aboard?