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What is CSTM HAUS?

CSTM HAUS is a private membership club with a highly  limited number of members. Members can enjoy the space and all it has to offer along with their guests and also take advantage of the many perks and events we offer.

What does a CSTM HAUS member look like?

It’s not about how you look. It’s about who you are. CSTM HAUS is looking for members that strive to make the best of themselves, their immediate communities, and the world around them. Entrepreneurs, professionals, innovators, artists, connectors, philanthropists, connoisseurs, and other worldly and friendly people are not just invited – but urged – to apply for the earliest Charter memberships with the most benefits.

Will I Receive Guest Passes?

Yes. All members will receive guest passes, but the earliest Charter members will receive the highest number of passes.

What will CSTM HAUS open hours be?

CSTM HAUS will initially open to the club’s Charter members Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. As membership expands, the club’s open hours will expand to weeknights 6pm-11pm.

How Can I Obtain More Membership and Pricing Information?

Membership and Pricing information is private, and can only be obtained by submitting an inquiry through this site.